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The Brazilian United Soccer Academy (BUSA) offers a premier soccer player development progam through their travel programs. The academy employs professionally trained and accredited coaching staff through the Brazilian United Corporation (BUC).   

Our tenured and passionate coaching team bring with them the unique Brazilian methodology and 'ginga' to every training session, league game and tournament.


Our players are exposed to a unique, integrated approach and system of training designed to develop their technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects of the game


Leagues and tournaments for each team is determined by the coaching staff each season.

Spring Schedule 2023.png


  •  Our main goal is not to win every single game but to challenge and develop our club players. We are in it for the long game,  season to season, consistently looking to see our players improve on and off the field.  We aim to create an environment where kids want to learn the beautiful game of soccer.  Maintaining health and fitness while having fun and being part of a community.  Ultimately, we aim to help players realize their own potential, whether that be making High School Teams, College teams, or further on to a professional career in soccer.

  • Regular players can be dismissed for the next game due to:
    lack of practice attendance
    missed games
    missed tournaments
    lack of communication with the head coach
    bad behavior and disruption to the practices
    lack interest/energy during practices and others
    *Check more info on attendance subject


  • If spots are open on a team roster, double rosters can be called for the games by coaches’ invitation.  This will take on Wednesdays each week.  The  decision will be made by the Coach (Position needed for the team, commitment, attendance on practices and games for regular and up team. others) and communicated to you on Wednesday afternoons.

  • We are often faced with some very vocal teams, coaches and fans.  Arguing with the referee and members of the opposing teams during or after the games, is not acceptable from parents for our youth development program. We understand that we will have to deal with bad referee decisions and sometimes a challenging environment from the opposition.  It can be very frustrating, but it's important to demonstrate to our club players how we work through these situations.

  • 50% game time policy: Coaches from all teams from U7 to U11 that play AAYSL (Anne Arundel Youth Soccer League) will respect 50% game time for players. So all players going to the game will play approximate 50% of the game. It will  ensure equal opportunity is given to each player for game-time experience and development.  Playing time during the games is at the coaches discretion.

  • There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for drug and alcohol use from any BUSA player.



  • Roles: The players’ role on the field is to play the game, listen to and respect their coach and the referee, and have fun. The coach’s role is to offer instruction to the players and interface with the other coach and referee when necessary. The parent’s role is to enjoy the game, watch their players make their own decisions in the game, and offer positive encouragement.

  • No parenting instruction – doesn’t matter what age: The coaches want the players to learn to make decisions on their own. They will make mistakes, it will sometimes cost them the win, but that is what the game is about.   The players that learn to make those decisions on their own will be far better players than those being constantly told what to do and where to be. Most of the game feedback will be instructed during practice time.  During the game, coaches will give a small amount of feedback during half time and the game where appropriate.  Each player will be instructed to respect the club curriculum, team coach, and schedule.

  • GAME-TIME:  parents must please sit far from players – create space between team/bench/coach. Kids need their own time/space to help create the right environment. The best scenario is to sit on the opposite side of the team. If can’t be on the opposite side of the field, be on the opposite half of the bench.

  • 24 hours policy:  There is to be no communication with coaches right after games. Any coach's decision can be discussed with the coaches 24 hours after the end of the game. Coaches are multi-tasking on weekends and usually rushing to different commitments.  Please respect their time.

  • Game time: Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before the game, it is very important for a warm-up and coaching pre-talk – line ups. The player should be early enough to have all of your gear on and be ready to play at the scheduled 30 minutes before the start time of the game. If games are far, please count on traffic time.



Communication is absolutely necessary when it comes to attendance. The weekly schedule is posted on the website and/or communicated in an e-mail. Coaches will do their best to stick to the posted schedule, but please check e-mail, Facebook, managers and the site for last-minute changes.

If you can’t make a practice, you need to notify your coach.

Absences will be excused for the following reasons: school-related reason (tutor session or academic/service) a family emergency, or if you missed or were excused from school for being sick. If something else arises, please communicate with your coach.

Practice attendance is crucial to success as a team. If you are absent from a practice during the week before a game you might lose spot for the following game. So if you miss a practice without the following reasons above:

.  If you have one absence, then you can’t start in the game.

.  If you have two absences on the same week, then you lose your opportunity to play in the first half or won’t be able to play the game at all – Depending on each team situation/roster sizes and double rosters.

WEATHER RELATED:  Please download the app: RAINOUT LINE –  You will receive the earliest message when old love point park is closed.



Any player that doesn’t follow the rules with complete respect for other players, coaches, staff or parents will not be tolerated on the club. All players will follow with sportsmanship conduct on and off the field.  Each coach is qualified with a 4-year degree in Physical Education from an accredited University in Brazil, they are professors in their field and work diligently to achieve success with all aspects of player development.  Coaches recognize that a player's character is just as important as their foot skills.  They have the ability to identify each individual's needs and adapt their coaching to suit those needs.

If any of the above rules are broken:

1st intervention: Coach will have a one-to-one conversation with the player (player can be suspended for the practice at any time);

2nd intervention: Coach will have one-to-one conversation with parent (player can be suspended for the practices and games);

3rd intervention:   

                  a) Player will not be invited to be back in the following season and/or

                  b) player will be immediately suspended for the rest of the season.

Depending on the gravity, the seriousness of the situation – the player can jump straight for the 3rd intervention and be removed from the roster.

Current players:

If your kids are already playing for BUSA, you don’t need to register for the tryouts. Your player is automatically participating in it.

If you are enrolled in a year-round plan your kids are automatically accepted for the following season, but keep in mind that team adjustments can happen between seasons.

If you are enrolled for the fall season only you MUST let the coach know if you want to stay in the program for the next season. With that in mind, the coaches can plan for the tryouts and decide if the player is a good fit.

All our current players will be evaluated for the following season/calendar year. We will try our best to accommodate all our current players within the program. To remain in the same team will depend on players’ performance and coaches’ evaluation throughout the season to find the best fit for that player. The Spot is not guaranteed to the current players for the following season.


New Players:

You must sing up online for tryout come for two days and practice with the current team. If you can’t attend during the tryout week, please e-mail us and request and alternative dates.


The APP:  Rainout Line is where Queen Anne's County communicates updates on closures of county fields due to weather.   

BUSA follows these closures.   

Please download the Apps and search for QAC Parks:


You can make this a favorite.

If you do not have access to the APP, you can also call 410-202-0705 for field closures.  


When the weather conditions are questionable, please keep an eye on this app, between the hours of 1:00pm-3:00pm whey a judgement call is typically announced.


When QAC field closures are confirmed, BUSA will make every effort to update their Facebook Page and send an email to Team Managers who will in turn inform you by email (or TeamSnap/Heja) of any cancellation of training sessions.


According to the APP, if fields remain open and practice proceeds as planned but thunder/lightning occurs just before or during a training session, Coaches will clear the field. All players should be in a car or safe structure.   Therefore, it's important for parents/guardians to return to the field for potential pick up if you see these conditions occurring. 


Coaches will watch and wait 20-30 minutes before returning players to the the field.  Coaches will determine whether it is necessary to cancel the remainder of the session or not. 


Please stay close when expecting impending weather. Coaches will always do their best to get practices, scrimmages and games in, but safety first will always be priority.


SPRING 2021​

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