The Brazilian United Soccer Academy (BUSA) offers a premier soccer player development progam through their travel programs. The academy employs professionally trained and accredited coaching staff through the Brazilian United Corporation (BUC).   Our tenured and passionate coaching team bring with them the unique Brazilian methodology and 'ginga' to every training session, league game and tournament.


Our players are exposed to a unique, integrated approach and system of training designed to develop their technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects of the game


Leagues and tournaments for each team is determined by the coaching staff each season.



                                   Any questions please email:

                                   Rod Brandao, Director of Coaching



The Brazilian United Soccer Academy is a national brand that has as its main objective to develop youth soccer athletes by applying professional and scientific based training together with personal growth and preparation. All sessions are conducted by Brazilian professional soccer coaches, the majority of them with degrees in Sport Science and Physical Education from the best universities in Brazil.
Our players are exposed to a unique, integrated approach and systems of training in order to develop their Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental aspects of the game