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Coach Rod started playing late, 10 years old but he was a very talented goalkeeper. Most of his life he played FUTSAL (5v5 indoor / hard floor). He played in a very competitive environment, two times State Champion and playing the nationals, and two times runner up. At U20 he's received a stipend to play for almost 2 years combining with being a Freshman in one of the best universities in the country - UFMG. 


It was then decision time! It became impossible to participate at both high level, he decided to quit FUTSAL and that it was best to focus on his undergraduate degree in Physical Education and that was when he decided to first go to US to improve his English communication.


In 2009 he was selected as Eramus Mundus exchange student at Porto University, in Portugal. Most of the credits were related to soccer activities and internships.

In 2010, after study time in Portugal, back in Brazil he started working at professional level at Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, a Serie A club (Brazilian Premier League). At this year, Cruzeiro was Runner Up for the National League, and it was one of the best learning environments with great coaches and trainers.

In 2011 Coach Rod joined Challenger Sports and Tetrabrazil for the first time.


In 2012 he got to work in one of the best parts of America - the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Love at first sight.

And after a brief time away from it, in 2016 BUSA starts its journey with all the excitement of a new project, looking forward to built the best soccer program to all the families.





We offer technical and specific training methodologies to all different ages and levels, transmitting our passion for the game of soccer to our players. With over fifteen years of experience in soccer, coaching in 4 different countries and over 15 states in the US, Coach Rod is the right person for the job!
We offer unique training for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players of all ages. We're always open for a good conversation or just a chat. Reach us now and get to now more about our club.

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