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Brazilian United Soccer Academy.


What can I say?

So, are you asking me about the beginning?


Well, it was born from a bunch of Brazilian coaches, nice ones.


1st: From a desire to teach and coach through Brazilian soccer gameplay, it's worldwide known for.


2nd: Here in Kent Island, Maryland, US, and beyond.


Coach Rod and Coach Barosa team up to build a new club with Brazilian roots, passion, and based on the scientific method, plus adding Soccer as a sport, growing in the USA, we got a perfect match.


BUSA started with a tryout, October 2015. 110 kids.
To show a statement: We're here!

Is it build from scratch?


Yes(!), the second team-up was to build a board with members.
A crucial step that's made a difference for the club and, of course, the Community. Because, since you do have partners - for business or from the heart - you're not alone. Three courageous women stepped up and were the founding members of BUSA.


Remember, when you think about BUSA, you think about the people that made it off the field where many hard-working people have stepped up as member of our Board of Directors and on the field: The coaches Pedro, Deivisson, Paula, Ygor, Marina, Brayan, Giseli, and Romario added to the mix to complete the final word that was missing: Family.  

And the final piece came from commercial partners in the very first season such as El Jefe (Mexican Restaurant), About Time Cleaning (Cleaning Services) and Bayside Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, they will never be forgotten, and the following partners that came along as Soitsman Family Dentistry & Associates and Dee Dee Miller Long and Foster Realtors.



The club went from "We are here to We are In".


From there, BUSA widely your programs, starting with Winter Futsal programs then took a bold step to the operations, bring the Summer Camps, looking forward to improving the options for seasons ahead.

We won't forget the must-do program: Future Star, a true success, working the soccer initialization for the younger kids and connecting
with local families.

In 2018, BUSA started the Brazil Trip, making a soccer program outside the US with a soccer club partner. Also, one BUSA Player
did tryouts in the D1 professional Brazilian club. It was a 20-days
with international travel experience through soccer learning, city tour,
and fun.

From Sept 7, 2015, the players, boys, and girls, won a portion of trophies, including SAC United Premier Columbus Day, Mid Atlantic, OBGC Capital Cup, and Bethesda Cup Showcase.

But...the #1 trophy that BUSA won was developing successful individuals through the beautiful game and making them feel welcome to decide the several scenarios that present themselves
in life and during the game.


At BUSA, we think Beyond Soccer.

United, as a family.


Welcome to the Genuine Brazilian Soccer.

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