Frequently asked questions


When are the tryouts for the travel team?

The tryouts happen two times a year: May > to play for #BUSA during fall
October > to play for #BUSA during spring The results are normally released 15 days after the tryout.


Who coaches the travel teams and #BUSA programs?

All of them are high-professional paid coaches. #BUSA doesn't have parents coaches.


What is the difference between REC and Travel Team?

#BUSA Rec program is only in spring, with local games. Focused primarily on the fun, the athletes learn and have fun during professional training. #BUSA Travel Team happens during spring and fall. Is our team, where we have long term goals. That means that the program demands a lot of commitment from the players and their parents. It's a program more competitive, with games all over Maryland and sometimes outside the state. We even have some tournaments during some holidays.

What is the location of the practices and games?

Most of our training happens at Old Love Point Park. The games can be also at Old Love Point Park or Kent Island High School.

What programs are open to registration?

It depends. Each season we offer differents programs, you can see which registrations are open in the page "Programs", selecting the season that we're in. To resume: Spring: Travel + Rec
Summer: Summer camps and clinics
Fall: Travel + Clinics
Winter: Futsal + Clinics

When will I have information about the program I registered my kid for?

REC: You will receive the information at least 3 weeks before the program start.
Summer / Winter: 1 or 2 weeks before the program start.

When will I receive the schedule of the travel teams?

Season Plan: when we send the invitation after the tryout. Practice Schedule: 1 month before the beginning of the season. Game schedule: it depends on the league. Usually 1 or 2 weeks before the beginning of the season.

What happens if one of the programs gets cancelled due to the weather or field condition?

Rec/Summer/Clinics/Winter programs: Always when practices are cancelled during the day we will try to reschedule the cancelled session and it will be noticed on the day of cancellation. Travel: There is no make-up session.

It is raining, how do I know if practices still on?

Staff will always try to notify all groups as soon as possible if the practice is cancelled. Even with the rain, we will still try to run the practice. It only will be cancelled due to the Safety protocol (Lighting/Thunder) or field condition called by the county.
When the weather conditions are questionable, please keep an eye on the county app (Rainout Line), between the hours of 1:00 pm-3:00 pm when a judgment call is typically announced.