Limited spots available -

First come first serve registrations

Futsal and Indoor Soccer Program: Starts on Nov 27th - Feb 4th - 9 weeks.*
Futsal League: Starts on Dec 8th - Jan 26th - 7 weeks.*
Age: 6 years old and up. 
*(Dec 25th week is OFF)



  • Played at gym court 

  • All ages - 5v5

  • Special heavier ball

BUSA Program

  • 1 practice per week - Tuesday or Thursday evening.

  • 1 league game per week:Weekend (Friday evening/Saturday morning/afternoon)

  • Fee: $295 with League Included.

What's FUTSAL and the benefits to play the sport!



  • Played at turf field

  • U12 and older - 7v7

  • U11 and younger - 5v5

  • Regular soccer ball

BUSA Program:

  • 1 practice per week - Wednesday evening 

  • Fee: $245 - NO League included

Take this GREAT opportunity keep DEVELOPING and IMPROVING your skills from the PROFESSIONAL BRAZILIAN COACHES during the winter time.


Come and learn some GINGA with us!


The Brazilian United Soccer Academy is a national brand that has as its main objective to develop youth soccer athletes by applying professional and scientific based training together with personal growth and preparation. All sessions are conducted by Brazilian professional soccer coaches, the majority of them with degrees in Sport Science and Physical Education from the best universities in Brazil. Challenger Sports/TetraBrazil, the largest soccer company in the world, will provide professional coaches for all the programs.

Our players are exposed to a unique, integrated approach and systems of training in order to develop their Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental aspects of the game

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