Spirit Wear

The online store has been developed to greatly simplify the team gear ordering process for you. To get started, just select the appropriate sizes and quantities for the items in the link below. 


  • All orders are to be delivered approximately 3-4 weeks after the store closing date (8/12). However, this date is only an estimation and not a guarantee.Orders will be delivered directly to your address.


This online transaction is between BUSA and Angelo’s Soccer Corner. You are purchasing these items from BUSA as a member of the organization


  • All orders will go into process on the store closing date. You may change or cancel your order any time before the store closing date, however no changes can be made once the store closes and the items go into process.


  • Sizing charts have been provided directly from the vendor for guidance only. Please choose your sizes carefully as all items are custom made to order and are not returnable or exchangeable for any reason.


  • All orders are to be delivered to the club around late-August. However, this date is only an estimation and not a guarantee.Orders will be delivered and packed by team. It will be the responsibility of the coach or team manager to pick up and distribute the entire team order.


The Brazilian United Soccer Academy is a national brand that has as its main objective to develop youth soccer athletes by applying professional and scientific based training together with personal growth and preparation. All sessions are conducted by Brazilian professional soccer coaches, the majority of them with degrees in Sport Science and Physical Education from the best universities in Brazil. 

Our players are exposed to a unique, integrated approach and systems of training in order to develop their Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental aspects of the game

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